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Center for Academic Success (CAS)

CAS offers the following services:

Fall 2017 Hands-On Workshops

Your Personal Librarian

Each graduate program at USG has a librarian assigned to it who can help you find and evaluate sources for your research. Feel free to stop by or contact us to make an appointment.

Nickolas Falk, Information Management, Library and Information Science, Publications Design

Eileen Harrington, Biotechnology, Health Systems Management, Public Health, Engineering, GIS, Pharmacy, 

Irene Munster, Cybersecurity, Forensic Science, Justice Leadership & Management

Toni Negro, Education (acting), Business Administration, Public Administration, Social Work (acting), I/O Psychology (acting)

Health & Life Sciences Librarian

Eileen Harrington's picture
Eileen Harrington
Building III, Rm. 1200P
9636 Gudelsky Dr.
Rockville, MD 20850