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ECED 618 Thinking through Processes and Acquisition of Literacy (Towson) : Home

Thinking through Processes and Acquisition of Literacy

Let's Begin

Whether you are looking for a book, article, or website; this interactive guide will give you tip and resources to start from. Here are some tips

Boolean SearchingANDOR, and NOT 

Searching with quotation marks searches for an exact word combination:

 ex: "literacy development" vs. literacy and development 

Searching with paraentheses allows more advanced boolean searching:

ex: (reading or writing) and literacy and milestones

combined: "gender differences" and ("literacy developement" or literacy)

Truncation: cut off the end of a word and use an asterisk “*”

  to get more results:

            Ex: educat*= educate, education, educator, educating, etc...

Use Synonyms and related words to search

Find subject headings in records to expand and narrow search

Peer Reviewed vs. Academic Journal Article

Subject Guide

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