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NURS 417: Maternity, Newborn and Women's Health: Poster Presentation

This guide provides resources for students of the class NURS 417.

Databases for Finding Primary Research Articles

Primary research articles are primary literature sources.  They present original findings and are published in peer-reviewed journals. 

They are structured to show methods, results, and conclusions and are designed so that other researchers can attempt to replicate the results they report.

This brief video from the University of Wisconsin-Madison will help you determine whether or not your article is a primary research article.

The following are links to the core databases for nursing where you can search for primary research articles:

Subject Heading Searching in MEDLINE & CINAHL

Both PubMed/MEDLINE and CINAHL integrate standardized medical subject headings (MeSH) that will suggest terms and help you focus your search. The following tutorials created by the Health Sciences and Human Services Library at UMB will show you how to use MeSH when searching for articles.

PubMed Subject Searching

Books on Presentations and Poster Making

These books are available from the Priddy Library.