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Towson University, The Universities at Shady Grove: Website evaluation

Website Evaluation

Some tips



Follow up Questions

Things to look for


Who wrote the information?


Are they experts?

Credentials of the Author,

organizations name,

contact information


What is the purpose of the site?


What is the main content?

What is the URL?

Are there facts that you can check?

Are you being persuaded?

Work cited page?


When was the site created?

Is the information current?

Is the information valid?

When was the last update?


Where does the information come from?


Is it published by a reputable organization?

Is it a personal site?

What is the domain?

For example: .com, .org, .gov, etc.

Company name?


Why is this page better than another? (Accuracy)




Does this site meet my needs?

Why is this information useful for my purpose?

Current, verifiable, and in-depth information?


Web domains

Use the following URL endings to help determine the suitability of a website.

.gov: government sites

.edu: education sites

.com: commercial sites

.mil: military sites

.net: any person with an Internet service provider

.org: nonprofit organizations

.int:  international organizations

.info:  collections of information in one site to make researching easier