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Health Information Project: Health Info Partners

Program Description

The Health Info Partners (HIP) program provides tailored information and training to public librarians that enables them to develop and implement consumer health information programs in their institutions. 

Public librarians have the opportunity to participate in consumer health information workshops based on content developed by the NN/LM Regional Medical Library located in the University of Maryland, Baltimore. The Universities at Shady Grove Priddy Library staff provide continuing support for the trainees as they work on creating consumer health programs and access to information for their users.

Each workshop qualifies for credit toward the Medical Library Association's (MLA) Consumer Health Information Specialization Program. Interested librarians can attend other classes offered by the NN/LM Regional Medical Library (in-person or online) to work towards acquiring this MLA certification. The Regional Medical Library will cover the cost for certification for up to 50 public librarians. The program is open to all public librarians throughout the state of Maryland.

Contact Us

For more information on this program contact Eileen Harrington, Health & Life Sciences Librarian at the Universities at Shady Grove.


phone: 301.738.6127

Goals of Project

The goal of this initiative is to increase health literacy through public libraries by:

  1. making a compelling case to public librarians for the importance of health literacy,
  2. describing and demonstrating the many trusted sources of consumer health information from the National Library of Medicine and others,
  3. providing succinct information about these resources and their use for the librarians,
  4. developing and disseminating resources for use by library patrons,
  5. engaging these library professionals in continuing efforts to share this information with their patrons and colleagues, and
  6. evaluating the impact that this initiative has on whether and how public libraries serve needs for consumer health information.


Check out the Health Info Partners (HIP) blog for dates of upcoming workshops and news about consumer health information programs and services in Maryland public libraries.

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Consumer Health Information Specialization Program

Participants in the Health Info Partners (HIP) program can work towards the Medical Library Association's Consumer Health Information Specialization certification. More information about this program can be found on the Medlical Library Association website.

You can find information about which courses are offered through the Southeastern/Atlantic Region of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine on their website.