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SOWK 470 Social Work Research: Articles

EBSCOhost Research Databases

Useful Research Databases


Sample search topics:
  • Anger management training and domestic violence (does anger management training reduce likelihood of repeat domestic violence offenses?

    Type EBSCOhost multidatabase keyword EX: 

    anger management training or domestic violence and repeat offenses
    (EX: Try using subject headings when possible to find more articles)
    Subj: domestic violence
    Keywd: "anger management" and "repeat offenders"
  • Organized sports and delinquent behaviors (does participation in sports reduce delinquent behaviors)

          Type in Social Services Abstracts (Proquest) EX: 

                   juvenile delinquency AND sports

     also look at "related searches" in this database underneath search bar

  • Organized sports and self esteem or self efficacy among teenage girls (does participation in sports increase self esteem?)

  • Food insecurity and kinship families

    • What factors predict food insecurity among kinship families?

    • What interventions effectively reduce food insecurity for kinship families?

  • Risk factors for homelessness among former foster youth transitioning to adulthood



Whether you are looking for a book, article, or website; this interactive guide will give you tips

and resources to start from. Here are some tips

Boolean SearchingANDOR, and NOT



Truncation: cut off the end of a word and use an asterisk “*”

  to get more results

            Ex: social work* = social worker, social workers, social work

•Use Synonyms and related words to search

•Find subject headings in records to expand and narrow search:

   EXAMPLE from the catalog: