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Filtering Fake News: Home

This LibGuide serves as an aid to the workshop Filtering Fake News at Priddy Library.

Why Should You Care About Fake News?

Having the ability to distinguish between fake news and credible news sources is important because if you believe or cite fake information your own credibility could become damaged. In addition, you could be spreading false information. But no need to worry -  this guide will help you filter fake news. Just click on the tabs above to access resources, tools, types of fake news, and even test yourself with a short quiz.

What is Fake News?

Fake news is information that is deliberately fake, biased, or incomplete that is used to mislead readers; cannot be verified, and is without sources. The term "fake news" became commonly used beginning in November 2018.

Interest in "fake news" as a search term, Feb 2014-Jan 2019

google trends fake news 2014 to 2019

Source: Google Trends

Fake News on Social Media

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