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UBalt @ USG - Integrated Design: Visual Communication Pillars

What Are The Four Pillars of Visual Communication?

The four pillars of visual communication are: graphic design, web design, motion graphics, and professional writing.
Each of these pillars are defined as the following:
  • Graphic Design: "The craft of creating visual content to communicate messages."*
  • Web Design: "The design of websites that are displayed on the internet."*
  • Motion Graphics: "The use movements—sequences showing change—to give the user information about what is happening [with] how objects move or can be moved."*
  • Professional Writing: Also known as "technical writing", it is the composition of text that addresses particular industry needs. In relation to visual communication, professional writing is used to address simple, concise visual messaging to consumers with a cultural and climate-based approach.


(Sources: Interaction Design Foundation; Purdue Online Writing Lab)

Pillars of Visual Communication