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BTEC 655: Emerging Topics in Biotechnology: Home

What's in the guide?

erlenmeyer flask icon with plant sprouting out of topThis guide is designed to support BTEC 655 students at the Universities at Shady Grove.  What is included here:

Types of Scientific Sources: Overview of primary, secondary and tertiary sources.

Science & Technology Resources: Databases that contain peer-reviewed and scholarly articles. Links to current news in science & technology.

Business & Market Research Resources: Business news, company profiles, industry outlooks.

Search Strategies: Tips on searching library databases.

Presentations: Tips on creating and delivering presentatio

Zotero: Online software that can organize your sources and create in-text citations and bibliographies.

Academic Writer: Online software that has quick guides on APA style and allows you to organize your sources and  write your paper, including citations, in APA style.

Searching in Google Scholar

In order to link Google Scholar to the full text of articles available in your home university's library, navigate to (see below). Not all resources listed on google scholar are authoritative; verify the publication source of any article found here.

Spring 2024 Library & Macklin Center Workshops

The Priddy Library and Macklin Center for Leadership and Communication are sponsoring a workshop series this spring. See the pdf below for the full schedule. Register today for a workshop.

April 2024 workshops schedule flyer

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