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Biology: Videos & Images

This guide supports the courses taught at the Universities at Shady Grove in the Biological Sciences Program of the University of Maryland, College Park.

Films on Demand

Watch streaming biology-related videos on Films on Demand:

Super Bacteria

This is a video lecture by Dr. Neil Shubin, a professor at the Unviersity of Chicago. Dr. Shubin’s research focuses on understanding the evolutionary origins of new anatomical features such as limbs. This video was created by iBiology, a project of the American Society for Cell Biology, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and the University of California, San Francisco.  More video lectures can be found on the iBiology YouTube Channel.  Video lectures, as well as PowerPoint slides, lecture notes, and lists of related journal articles, can be found at iBiology.

Finding Images

You can go to the following websites for freely accessible biological images: