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PSYC 330: Child Development and Culture UMBC : Lets Begin Researching

Dr. Karen Lewis UMBC

Let's Begin

Whether you are looking for a book, article, or website; this interactive guide will give you tips

and resources to start from. Here are some tips

Boolean SearchingANDOR, and NOT



Truncation: cut off the end of a word and use an asterisk “*”

  to get more results

            Ex: pharmac*= pharmacy, pharmaceutical, pharmacist, pharmacology, etc...

•Use Synonyms and related words to search

•Find subject headings in records to expand and narrow search:

   EXAMPLE from the catalog:


search: words anywhere: Child developmental psychology cataloged PSYCHOLOGY / Developmental / Child


Thesaurus Terms

Thesaurus Terms for Child Developemental Psychology

  • Child Discipline
  • Child Guidance
  • Child Abuse
  • Child Psychiatry
  • Child Psychology
  • Child Development
  • Childhood Development
  • Child Memories use Early Memories
  • Child Play Development
  • Child Psychosis

Keyword Searching Tips

  1. Try searching words and phrases instead of sentences
  2. Shoot for concepts
  3. Utilize the article's records
  4. Look for subject headings produced by the database or article index
  5. When you find an article that works, check references, check the articles record, or the author

Things to remember...

Pay attention to limiting options:

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

You can search with keywords, subject headings, or a combination

You can search a specfic publication/journal