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SOWK 250 Introduction to Social Work: Conducting Research

Research Guide

Choose a topic
  • of interest to you
  • manageable
  • narrow in scope
  • relevant to the class or assignment
Find Information
  • encyclopedias
  • books from the library catalog
  • websites (.edu, .org, .gov, .net)
  • Databases with journal articles (peer reviewed)
Record bibliographic information of resources using APA citation format
  • author(s), title, source, publisher, year, pages
  • URL addresses
State your thesis or hypothesis
  • pose a question, problem or argument

Make an outline:

  • state your thesis and purpose
  • state plan to address the topic
  • list major points
  • present supporting arguments
  • strong, stronger, strongest
  • restate the thesis
  • summarize arguments
  • explain your conclusion
Organize your notes
  • critically analyze your research data
  • check for accuracy
  • provide opposing viewpoints
  • synthesize in your own words
Write the first draft
  • follow your outline
  • summarize, paraphrase, quote each idea
Revise your outline and draft
  • correct content errors
  • check facts and figures
  • rearrange or reorganize as needed
  • spell check
Type the final draft
  • proof read
  • use APA style for citations