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BTEC 670: Legal and Ethical Issues in the Science Profession: Writing & Citing with APA

Benefits of Academic Writer

Academic Writer (formerly APA Style CENTRAL) offers three key features:

  • Learning Center - Access a digital media library that includes quick guides, tutorials, instructional videos, sample papers, and other resources on APA style. These resources can be linked or embedded within your Learning Management System.
  • Reference Center - Offers tools to help with creating citations and managing your own personal database of sources.  
  • Writing Center - Write essays in the cloud (like Google Docs or Microsoft 365) using various templates that pre-format the APA style (including the title page, sub-headings, and references). Also allows for collaboration features with other users.

Need help?

The APA Publishing Learning Commons provides answers to commonly asked questions related to Academic Writer. You can also contact Eileen Harrington at the Priddy Library ( For help with APA style you can contact Geraldine Natali at the Macklin Center for Leadership & Communication ( or make a writing appointment with a specialist at the Macklin Center for Leadership & Communication.