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HIST 306 02 The First World War: Find Articles

Dr. Andrew Nolan

What does peer review mean?

Peer review is an indicator of quality scholarship. It is the process by which after an author submits its manuscript for publication, a number of recognized researchers in the field (their peers) will evaluate the manuscript and recommend its publication, revision, or rejection. Articles accepted for publication through a peer review process implicitly meet the discipline's expected standards of expertise.

The article isn't available in our collection?

Did you find a relevant article for your research? Can't get access to the full text? Try to use the Document Delivery Illiad service, the librarians will be eager to find it for you and you will get the scan article in your mailbox.

Databases and Journals

Interdisciplinary databases

What is a secondary source?

Secondary sources are materials that have been created by someone such as a historian or a researcher. Secondary sources interpret and analyze data gathered from primary sources. They are one or more steps removed from the time of the event. Examples of secondary sources include:

  • Books
  • Newspaper or journal articles which interpret or reviews findings
  • The research paper you will write