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Priddy Library Workshops: Presentations


Presentations causing you anxiety? Learn how to deliver and create an effective Powerpoint presentation

About Presentations

Why Present?

  • Communicate your research
  • It should peak further interest.
  • It should communicate effectively (comfortably and clearly)
  • Programmed for the situation; standalone and/or accompanied presentation session?
  • The presentation is a audio aid to your research and or story.


  • Left alignment is (usually) easier to read
  • Avoid "orphaned" words (single-word lines) at the end of the paragraph


  • Make it simple but attractive to the readers
  • Include authors below the title
  • Add a footnote for affiliations of the authors


  • Summarize the research project
  • Include the study’s objective(s), design, results and conclusion(s)


  • Include the rationale and importance of study
  • State the hypothesis or research question that was tested


  • Provide sufficient information to judge the validity of the study
  • Include sample size, study design, data collection and analytic methods, outcome and exposure measures


  • Present your key findings using mainly tables and figures
  • Keep the results as simple as possible


  • Interpret your results in the context of your study as well as the literature
  • Provide readers with what is new from your study

Acknowledgements and References

  • Citations
  • Thanking people who helped (not co-authors)
  • Funding used for this project


  • Left alignment is (usually) easier to read
  • Avoid "orphaned" words (single-word lines) at the end of the paragraph
  • Poster should be easily seen from 3 feet
  • Use fonts that are easy to read

  • Keep a simple and consistent color scheme
  • Effectively use blank space


  • Title: 72-120pt
  • Authors: 56pt
  • Subtitles: 48-80pt
  • Body Text: 24-48pt
  • Captions: 12-18pt