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Juvenile Collection at USG

The Juvenile Collection at the Priddy Library of the Universities at Shady Grove is endowed in the memory Molly Counihan by members of the Eugene Counihan family. Molly Counihan was an Education Studies student at Towson Univesity in Education when she passed away. The collection comprises the recipients of the John Newbery and Randolph Caldecott awards presented yearly by the American Library Assocication

The collection now has an additional focus with multiculural titles that present the immigration and displacement experience of children in the United States and other countries. It will also include titles that address learning and physical challenges, LGBT and gender issues.

Multicultural Themes in the Juvenile Collection

The multicultural themes in the juvenile collection represent some of  the most common experiences of new arrivals in our communities. The themes are universal regardless of background or cultural identity of children, young people and their families.

  • My Family: Grandparents, Brothers and Sisters, Parents
  • Where I Live: Friends, School, Neighborhood
  • Who I Am:  Name/Identity, Holidays/Traditions, Successes
  • Struggles:  Displacement, Separation, Challenges

All titles are available for loan from the Priddy Library. Hover over the title to read a summary of the book. 

This collection will continue to grow and represent the diversity in our community.

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