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HIST 355 – Immigration and Oral History: Montgomery County, MD

Dr. Monique Laney

Residents of Montgomery County, Maryland

The Impact of Immigrants in Maryland Final Report

Immigration policy is increasingly becoming a topic of interest for many people in Maryland and throughout the nation. With comprehensive immigration reform stalled at the federal level, state and local officials are being asked to address various issues relating to immigration and, in particular, the issues surrounding unauthorized immigration. To gain a broader understanding of the economic and fiscal issues surrounding immigration, the General Assembly passed HB 1602 (The Act) in June 2008 authorizing the Commission to Study the Impact of Immigrants in
Maryland (the Commission) (Chapter 553, Acts of 2008).

Demographics - Montgomery County, MD

Minorities are majority population in Montgomery County

Washington Post Staff Writers 
Thursday, February 10, 2011; 12:00 AM

Minorities have become a majority over the past decade in affluent Montgomery County as the number of whites has plummeted, according to census figures released Wednesday.

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