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Mentoring @ UMD: Mentees

Manage Your Career

Roles and Responsibilities

Identify your mentoring needs and make your interests and needs known to your mentor. The mentee is responsible for driving the relationship to achieve his/her goals - you are responsible for getting the most out of your mentoring relationship!

Determine whether your interests are in line with the expectations for promotion and permanent status (if applicable). Ask questions about and be sure you understand the promotion and permanent status process. 

Make your skills and experiences known to your mentor.

Begin to collect and maintain data on your training (taken and given) along with other relevant information (e.g. librarianship, creative and scholarly achievements).

Agree on how much time and effort you both (mentor and mentee) are willing and able to invest in mentoring. This may involve mutual agreement on amount of time allowed to meet, frequency of meetings, what occurs in the meeting. Include down time with mentor to get to know one another in a more casual setting (coffee, lunch, etc.)

Meet with your mentor at least quarterly, on a regular basis; meetings may be formal (in an office) or informal (over coffee/lunch).

Use the mentor as a resource for networking and for meeting other colleagues with similar professional interests inside and outside the institution.

Articulate what you hope to gain from the relationship. While you may not be clear on what you want, at least initially, it should become clearer as the relationship continues.

Include mentoring as part of your annual Work Plan.

Introduce yourself to your Faculty Mentoring Committee Liaison. Ask for advice or help from FMC any time!

If at any time you feel the mentoring relationship is not working, consult with your Faculty Mentoring Committee Liaison about a change.

Be willing to learn from your mentor and be open to constructive feedback.

Contact the Faculty Mentoring Committee

Tim Hackman (chair)

Sharon Epps

Irene Münster