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KIC BookScanner Help Guide: Home

Use this guide to learn about how to use the library's overhead scanner


Have you ever been reading in the library when a particularly stunning passage jumps out at you? Instead of borrowing the book from the library, you can scan the page(s). This way, you can take that page wherever you want! You can scan just a page of two, but copyright law prohibits the amount that you can record.

The advantage of using the overhead scanner is that you can scan two pages at a time, and look at the page while the machine is scanning the image. The KIC Bookeye scanner is “smart,” and can sense the size of the page automatically. In comparison, the scanner function on the photocopier requires you to place the book face down; it does not have a display on which you can preview the image.

So, it's better than using the photocopier, where you can't see the image you're copying. Plus, you can print out a scan after you've made the PDF.

At the Priddy library, we have 2 overhead scanners. One is located in the printing room; the other is located next to the course reserves beside the reference desk. It’s easy to use once you are familiar with the tutorial’s 4 steps!