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KIC BookScanner Help Guide: Definitions

Use this guide to learn about how to use the library's overhead scanner


  • Scan: The process by which a paper image or text is converted into a computer file, usually a PDF (“portable document format”). 
  • Cradle: In the context of the KIC Bookeye scanner, the surface on which the book is scanned. The cradle can be lifted into a “V” scape to accommodate for differently sized books.
  • Resolution: The quality of an image. The higher resolution, the better the quality. Measured in DPI or PPI.
  • DPI: Dots Per Inch, similar to PPI (points per inch), refers to the resolution of an image. The higher the DPI, the larger an image size and the greater its resolution. For example, a 300 DPI image is equal to a low resolution image quality for the web.
  • OCR: Optical Character Recognition refers to the process by which a computer can identify words in an image. As it pertains to PDF, OCR makes it possible for the computer to understand the words photographed on a page. This makes it possible to search within a PDF for keywords.
  • Copyright: A law that prohibits the copying and dissemination of protected materials, such as books, movies, music, and works of art.
  • Fair Use: A clause in copyright law permitting the use of restricted material for educational use.