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KIC BookScanner Help Guide: Tutorial

Use this guide to learn about how to use the library's overhead scanner

Save to USB

Save to Email

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Place book/document
  • Place the book in the middle of the scanner bed. If the spine is too thick and the pages won’t stay open, you can lift the sides of the bed to create a cradle. It’s okay to hold it down with your fingers because the camera will automatically crop the page.
  • Adjust the placement of the book as needed so that the lasers are capturing the whole page.
  • When you’re ready to scan, press the button.
    • NOTE: the scanner also has a document feeder that you can use if you are scanning individual pages of paper.
  1. Copyright notice
  • Before you can continue, a copyright notice will pop up. 
  • This page alerts you to the restrictions of using the device. 
  • Click “accept” to continue. 
  1. Scan
  • Click “Scan.” The camera will copy the page and it will display on the monitor. 
  • Decide whether or not the page scanned correctly. If there is an error in the picture, click “Delete Image.” 
    • Note: Other features include "clip" (crop) and "rotate"
  • If the picture is adequate, go ahead and continue scanning additional pages. 
  • Note: There is a limit to how many pages you can scan at a given time. The scanner restricts PDFs of more than 15 pages. These will be collated into a single PDF file. PDF files that are very large are cumbersome for PDF readers; They are also hard to transfer, whether that is by USB or email.
  1. Export
  • Choose file format (PDF, JPG, PNG, rich text, and audio).
  • You have the option of either saving to a USB stick or sending to email. For USB, insert the stick into the drive. 
  • For email, enter your email address.
  • You’re done! Now click "End Session."