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MCPS Guide to the Priddy Library: BORROW BOOKS

MCPS Borrower Privileges

MCPS staff can borrow books from the Priddy Library at the Universities at Shady Grove, and the University of Maryland Libraries at the College Park campus.

Loan lengths are based on "home" library and type of item.

You Need a Borrower's Card


MCPS patrons are granted Special Borrower's Privilege by the University of Maryland, which enables you to borrow books. This requires completion of an online form to register for a borrower's card with an assigned barcode number.  

To register, please complete the form below.

MCPS Priddy Library Patron Registration Form

  • An email will confirm your registration
  • You will need to pick-up the borrower's card at the Circulation Desk of the Priddy Library.   

The MCPS Pony Service is not available from this site for delivery to your school or office location.


About the Card


MCPS staff must have an MCPS Borrower's card from the Priddy Library to borrow books

Only current and permanent MCPS staff are eligible to register for borrower's cards

The 14-digit borrower's number on the card gives you access to books only from the Priddy Library and College Park campus libraries.

                                                                   Borrowers cards expire yearly from the date of registration. 

                                                                   Call 301-738-6020 to renew an expired card or if you have lost the borrower's card.